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Partnerships at NearSt

Helping thousands of shops on a daily basis get more footfall into their stores

About the team

Partnerships is where all of the client-facing activity happens in the business. Our job is to on-board and build long term relationships with retailers, delivering on our company mission to get more people back into high street shops.

Our team is made up of two tightly-knit parts: Sales and Customer Success.


We're tasked with growing our network of retailers, but this is about much more than just selling to shops. We're focussed on understanding the bigger retail picture, building relationships with a diversity of industry partners who share in our mission to get more people into shops. We have an entrepreneurial mindset, and are constantly looking for smart ways to identify where we can have the most impact.

Customer Success

We help our retailers and partners get the very most out of NearSt, from a seamless onboarding experience through to helping them achieve their long-term goals as a business. We're their first point of contact and are focussed on building trusted relationships that allow us to really understand how we can best help. We're the voice of shops within the company and are constantly contributing to the product development pipeline based on our daily interactions with shop owners.

How we work

As a team we share an entrepreneurial, problem-solving mindset that's focussed on finding smart and unexpected ways to surpass our goals. We're a high-energy bunch and we radiate that energy to the rest of the company; whether that's from our Shoreditch HQ or working remotely.

We believe in giving people the best tech possible to do their best work, and invest in the latest hardware and software to enable this. Whether that's providing everyone with the latest Macbook Air as standard or investing in a full suite of CRM tools so we can be a data-driven team, without the cumbersome admin that often accompanies this.

We firmly believe in a collaborative approach to work and developing ourselves with regular informal and formal training. Team health and a solid culture sit at the centre of a successful business, and we care passionately about fostering this within everything we do.

If this sounds like the kind of environment that might be a great fit for you, we'd love to hear from you!

Open positions in the partnerships team

Sales Executive London, United Kingdom • Partnerships Growth Marketer London, United Kingdom • Partnerships