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Engineering at NearSt

Building scalable architectures and working with the best Javascript developers on a daily basis.

About the team

What makes everything we do possible is the technology we’ve developed over the past four years, called NearLIVE. It connects to any type of inventory system, understands and enriches the data, and feeds it into the web. We call this Real-Time Local Inventory, and is our unique single view of exactly who stocks what, where, and when.

We have an elegant tech stack, that favours simplicity and clean function. We are open to using the right tools for the job in hand and encourage an open minded approach to designing solutions for new challenges. At its heart, our platform needs to be fantastically scalable, highly performant and ultra reliable. At the moment, we rely on AWS for our infrastructure, serverless as our implementation paradigm and Javascript through the tiers as our language of choice. We actively seek out the best tools and components to augment and enhance the platform and constantly seek to examine both our tooling and the platform itself for quality.

We work to some simple but powerful principles:

We work in an agile way, encouraging collaboration, emergent design and shared objectives. However, we are not dogmatic about our processes and know that we need to adapt over time to keep our approach right for the challenges we face. We seek to foster an enviable engineering culture, combining high standards and output with mentoring and personal development.

Above all, we believe encouraging people to communicate, collaborate and share their thinking moves us forward and we always want to hear people’s opinions on what we can do better.

Open positions in the engineering team

Sorry, we currently don't have any open positions.