Join the team building the future of retail.

We're on a mission to get people back into high street shops. If you think you'll enjoy the challenges, please do take a look at our current vacancies.

Current vacancies

"How the high street can take on Amazon… and win"

"NearSt is allowing stores to innovate on a more fundamental level: convenience."

"Amazon without Amazon’. A hybrid of online shopping with the high street."

Why work with us?

  1. We see an incredibly bright future ahead for retail and have grand plans for making NearSt a central part of this future.

  2. We're a fast growing tight-knit team who all share a common vision that what we’re building will define the future of how everyone shops.

  3. We believe strongly that organisational health and culture are at the centre of a successful business and care passionately about maintaining this at NearSt.

  4. All employees have learning & development budget to keep us on the cutting edge and to allow everybody to keep learning.

  5. We do a weekly Friday roundup, sharing what we've built over a few beers.

  6. We’re based in the heart of Tech City, just off Old Street roundabout.

  7. We encourage everybody to attend industry events to stay in touch with all things tech and retail.

  8. We have an entrepreneurial can-do mindset and believe everybody should be listened to.

  9. We all want to make a real difference in the world.

Meet our teams


Building scalable architectures and working with the best Javascript developers on a daily basis.

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Helping hundreds of shops on a daily basis run their businesses more efficiently through tech.

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Our values

Make A Difference
We exist to get people back into high street shops. We have both the opportunity and responsibility to make a massive, positive impact on the world and care deeply about furthering this mission.

Bring Positive Enthusiasm
We tackle every opportunity and challenge with positivity, and understand that this energy is contagious and builds incredible momentum. “Yes, and…” trumps “yes, but…” every time.

Take Entrepreneurial Risks
To make a difference in the world each of us must take bold risks, driven by our mission and backed up with data. We’re not afraid to get things wrong and quickly adjust our course.

Communicate Openly and Honestly
We do our best work and move fastest when we communicate openly with trust. We value and seek out respectful disagreement in pursuit of improving our work and constantly raising our standards.

Be Hungry For Knowledge
We’re always curious to know more and make space for learning. We believe that sharing knowledge creates a rising tide that lifts all boats.

Be Our Best Selves
We understand that everyone works differently and gets the best out of themselves in different ways. We work best as a team when we are individually and collectively aware of how we all work best.

Scientifically Minded
We make bold bets on the future based on our vision, experience and assumptions, then always seek to validate those bets with empirical data.

Open positions

Sorry, we currently don't have any open positions.